Sector : Education, Health, Livelihood, Housing, Energy, Water, Sanitation & Waste Management, Rural & Agriculture, Rights & Social Issues
Beneficiaries : Children, Disabled, Elderly, Women, Youth
Location : Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu
Children, Disabled, Elderly, Women, Youth, Tribal, Destitute Person
Sector Education
Sub-sector Remedial and Special Education
Sector Health
Sub-sector Reproductive Health
Sector Health
Sub-sector Food and nutrition
Sector Livelihood
Sub-sector Training & Capacity Buildings
Sector Livelihood
Sub-sector Livelihood Promotion
Sector Housing, Energy, Water, Sanitation & Waste Management
Sub-sector Alternative Energy
Sector Housing, Energy, Water, Sanitation & Waste Management
Sub-sector Housing
Sector Rural & Agriculture
Sub-sector Dalits
Sector Rural & Agriculture
Sub-sector Tribals
Sector Rights & Social Issues
Sub-sector Civil Rights
Sector Rights & Social Issues
Sub-sector Women's Rights
Sector Rights & Social Issues
Sub-sector Elderly
Sector Rights & Social Issues
Sub-sector Child abuse
Registered Office No-3, 3889 MRM building, South Second street, , Pudukkottai-622001, Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu, India, Pin Code - 622001
Phone Nos Office: +91 4322 223996, Mobile: +91 9942155729,
Field Office ROSI FOUNDATION, GS Rajan Building, Nagai Road,, Vedaraniyam-614810, Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu, India, Pin Code - 614810
Phone Nos Office: +91 04322 223996, Mobile: +91 9047623587,
Field Office ROSI FOUNDATION, Sirumalai Pudur, Pudur Po, , Sirumalai Hills,DIndigul district , Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India, Pin Code - 624003
Phone Nos Office: +91 04322 223996, Mobile: +91 9626444299,
Field Office ROSI's aged Home, Patharakulam, Jeevanagar, Illuppur & Po, Pudukkottai dist , Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu, India, Pin Code - 622102
Phone Nos Office: +91 04322 223996, Mobile: +91 9787695858,

Creation of a free society without existing exploitations,
oppression and deprivations between people to people in the name of caste, creed,religious, colour, gender and race through sustainable empowerment of community / concern people.

The ROSI Foundation addresses problems of individuals who are beyond the bottom level in society (tribe, dalit, widows, disabled, destitute elders, orphans, labors, and others) focusing on issues such as suppression, exploitation and deprivation. The organization addresses issues of the rights among tribes, dalit, children, women, elders, and labor rights and developments.

In order to best serve the target population, ROSI Foundation conducts numerous activities. These include: widows/destitute skill training, widows / destitute IGP programs, aged (elderly) home function, human rights issues, tribal housing programs, tribal retrieving from cave and rehabilitation, tribe community certificate and ID card support, solar lights programs for tribe and forest dwellers, tribe IGP support, tribe housing patta and land issue , PLWHA supporting programs, alternative medicine programs, herbal promotion programs, educational and nutrition programs, educational materials support, and skill training for computers/training on computer application.

ROSI Foundation takes the key issues of the organization and implements programs through participatory approaches and sustainable concern. The organization develops a team, which consists of individuals such as those who are experts in legal, education, health, technical and environmental aspects of the specific program, issue or project of concern and obtains participation from those in the field. The organization maintains high transparency and accountability, in order to impact more people and build trust among those in the communities we work with.

The management team meets regularly to discuss the current projects and the plans for future projects. The field staff is well knowledgeable and devotes their time to the concepts and issues at hand. The implementation of programs is one of the main innovations for our NGO.

Type Title Description Link
Document ANNUAL REPORT This is annual report for 2009-10 in that the most of details of the organisation along with Audit report and financial statements are given.
Document Tribe programme This pdf file shows ROSI Foundation works in Sirumalai Hills and Palanihills of Dindigul district, India
Document OUTLOOKMONEY MAGAZINE NEWS ROSI FOUNDTION'S tribe works came as article on its 21.10.2009 edition. Solar lantern provision to tribe of Sirumalai Hills, Tamil Nadu by us that it is shoe\wing important to the cave and dense forest and linking outer world by radio running by solar lights.
Document DINAKARAN Daily Tamil News paper Our health (Naturopathy and yoga ) programme was published in Dinakaran Daily News paper on 19th May 2009 with full details by half page.
Document Hand book for training on ROSI-RSWR project This project was implemented in 2007 that training, action programme and evaluation are main activities. we printed a book for stakeholders for this training and further activities. the book gave more values on understand and project success in implementation
Document BOOK on herbals This book was printed for rural community on herbal identification, collection, processing and application to diseases. it gives more values on community and target people.
Document Accreditation award This is accreditation award certificate by credibility alliance , which is a consortium of NGOs. In its accreditation process in this year, ROSI FOUNDATION has been accreditation under desirable norms. please visit :
Document One Evaluation Report of the project This is a evaluation report of a past project conducted by ROSI FOUNDATION and funded by RSWR.
Document printing notice This notice was published in 2009 when starting the Tribe development Project (TDP). This is giving more impacts from community, department and SAGs.
Document Press clip ROSI Foundation's tribe works in Sirumalai Hills was published in the Magazine 'VALARUM TAMIZHAGAM' on its October 2010 edition and page no. 29.
Document Annual report abridged with Financial statements This is annual report for 2010 - 11 year ended in that the audit report and financial statements are abridged.